Feminism is a Bad Word!

Feminism ,in all its glory is essentially losing its shine.And I believe rightfully so!

If we  talk a brief walk into the history of the rise of feminism, the pioneers of it would put us to shame today. Whether it is the rise of feminism post Industrial Revolution or the demand for the right to vote through the famous Suffragette Movement, it has been the persistent effort of a few legendary and brave women who have paved the way for the future generations of women.And in an effort to ensure equality, feminism itself lost its purpose. Feminism ,mostly seen as a synonym for female militancy ,is today equated with a constructed synonym called ‘feminazi’- Yes, infamous reference to the Nazis!

While trying to ensure our ‘rights’ and ‘reservations’, feminism lost its battle with humanity.The goal was for equality and not dominance.And as they say, with rights come responsibilities, the feminism card today has backfired and how! Genuine crimes of rape and domestic harassment,of dowry and sexual violation needs the stringent of punishments.However, as we progress towards greater scientific and technological developments, the classical conditioning of the female class as the perpetual victim needs to change. The degree and brutality of a crime needs to be judged by the criminal, irrespective of his/her gender.However, in a country like India where women have been in a perennial position of suffering, violation and exploitation, have been used and misused as a license to harass people of the opposite gender.And if the discriminatory attitude of popular media and press was not enough, the onslaught of social media platforms and hunger for two minutes to fame has further motivated the ignorant onlooker to take up the law in his hand.

The observant reader would be aware of the piles of fake dowry case followed by exorbitant alimony demands have ruined the lives of men and their future prospects.The laws of consensual physical relationship, marital rape and domestic violence in India are in a nascent stage and hence very hazy.While crimes need to be dealt with an iron hand by the law, it is the duty and responsibility of the law to safeguard the rights and interests of all the citizens ,irrespective of their gender or the sympathy their gender can evoke amongst popular sentiment.

It is not the battle of the sexes. atleast not anymore.Whoever propagated the myth clearly lacked perspective.Well,after millions of years of evolution from caveman to civilised citizens, it is time we accept ,understand and probably admit that both the sexes needs to coexist (I am not going into the third gender,as it is an altogether different story and would require a separate article). And as co-partners and co-stake holders, both the genders need to be at peace with each other and amongst themselves.Yes, women are victimized,lynched,raped,molested,murdered,burnt, mutilated and along with the law, the mind too needs to be trained- trained to see the female form not just as an object of pleasure or purpose,but an object of dignity that deserves respect.No stone should be left unturned to drive home the message that violators will be sentenced to the most brutal punishments.However, what further needs to be ensured is that,only and only,the violators are punished,probably brought to the gallows.Feminists should ensure that the rest-the gentle,kind ,loving ones (there are lots) are not unjustly victimised.If that happens,it would turn to be the classic case of the kettle calling the pot black.


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